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Brief, Vision, Mission

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Freedom Radio Muryar Jama’a (Voice of the People) operating under the auspices of Film Laboratory and Production Services Limited, clearly stands out as the first and foremost privately owned radio station in Northern Nigeria. Located in Kano, one of the strategic gateway of products and services in Nigeria, Freedom Radio commenced operations on 1st December 2003, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a team of highly trained professionals.

Freedom Radio started as a single radio station in 2003. We opened our Dutse Station in 2007. In 2011 we secured four additional licenses to set up in Kano, Kaduna, Maiduguri and Sokoto. Dala FM has started in Kano in September 2011 and Kaduna is coming on in before the end of 2012

Through dogged and fiercely independent/investigative news, current affairs, creative and compelling programmes, we perfected the elementary art of educating, entertaining and informing our teeming listeners. Today, Freedom Radio has undoubtedly become a household name and is perhaps the most popular Radio Group in its areas of coverage.

The Vision of the station is “to be an excellent Mouthpiece of the Citizenry for expression of their Views and protection of their Values”

To be an Independent Radio Station that promotes National Unity, gives voice to the voiceless through informative, educative and entertainment programmes in an objective, diligent and fearless manner and in compliance with the provision of Nigerian Constitution and other laws regulating activities of Media organizations in Nigeria, while raising the standards of Broadcast Journalism in our areas of coverage.

Logo – The Parrot
The Parrot, a popular bird of African and Asian origins is well known for memorizing and repeating voices and is also credited as very observant and wise.

Freedom Radio adopted this bird as its logo to underline its mission of giving factual reportage of events and views. The goggles on our parrot signify wisdom and maturity with which we handle our programs.